Jenny Ryan has been a Teacher at South Pine Kindy for 8 years.  Jenny completed a Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood) after earlier studies including a Diploma of Justice and a Bachelor of Justice with Distinction. Jenny is passionate about learning in the Early Years and sees children as capable, active, confident, social learners who are in charge of their own learning. is a strong advocate for a play based, emergent approach to curriculum that allows children and adults to share in the learning.

Michelle Adams commenced working as a Teacher for South Pine Kindy in 2019 and is a qualified Early Childhood teacher.  She has had experience working across a variety of community run Preschool and Kindergarten settings. She is particularly passionate about the wonder and curiosity that children bring to the Kindergarten year. She values the voice of the child and supports an approach where educators and children co-construct ideas together.

Melissa Graham commenced working with us at the beginning of 2021 and comes with over 24 years of experience.
Melissa has completed her Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services and is the Educator for both groups.

Inclusion Support Educators

We employ additional Educators, as the need arises to provide support in the rooms for children with diverse learning needs. We have regular relief staff that are familiar to the Kindy who can step in when required. 

Sue Diviney has been employed as our Financial Assistant to our Kindergarten since 2004.  Sue also works in this capacity at some other local centres.  

In 2018, Jess Smith was employed as Administration Assistant at our kindergarten.  Jess provides assistance with office administration.  Both Sue and Jess facilitate and ensure the smooth running of the business side of the kindergarten.