At South Pine Community Kindergarten, we want both children and families to know that they belong, and they make a valuable contribution to the community. We respect every child’s right to have a childhood, and we encourage learning through play. We also understand that all children are capable and competent learners, and active participants in building knowledge collaboratively.


  • Engage in purposeful play and intentional learning opportunities
  • make mistakes without fear of failure.  
  • build interests, prior knowledge and skills
  • build personal and emotional resilience, independence and self-confidence.
  • develop communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Build a sense of well-being through exploring relationships and developing friendships. 
  • respect diversity
  • Introduce the concept of fairness, developing children’s sense of equity and inclusion
  • acknowledge and value Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
  • explore the natural environment and learn sustainable practices.

Families and the wider community:

  • parents and families are the child’s first teacher. This ongoing partnership in the children’s learning is valued, respected and supported. 
  • inclusive partnerships establish a sense of family within the Centre, by respectful, open and shared communication between children, families and staff. 
  • respect and acknowledge the unique cultural backgrounds of all families.
  • the children, families and staff learn about and actively engage in the community
  • everyone becomes socially responsible and contributes to a sustainable environment full of wonder and enjoyment. 

Teachers and educators:

  • implement the Early Years Learning Framework, the Qld Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the National Quality Framework.
  • commit to the inclusion of every child in to our care.
  • embed a quality play-based program into the curriculum
  • promote a sense of wonder, exploration, investigation and interest in a rich range of materials, resources and opportunities for the children
  • promote children’s agency and enable the development of self-expression and independence with or without disabilities.
  • involved the children in a mixture of guided, adult-led and child-directed play and learning.
  • commit to continuous quality improvement, through reflective practices and professional and personal development.
  • Foster positive relationships with colleagues, the children, families and wider community