FREE KINDY in 2024

A child must be at least 4 years of age by 30 June in the year they commence kindergarten to be eligible for funding. This funding guideline covers one 15 hours a week program or 600 hours a year of free kindy.

As of 2024 South Pine Kindy operates under the Qld Governments FREE Kindergarten approved program. Therefore there will be no term fees charged as we meet the 15hrs a week criteria for each group operating in 2024.

Enrolment Holding Deposit- $50: This enrolment holding deposit is to secure your Kindy place. This will be reimbursed at the commencement of 2024 Kindy year.

Membership Fee – $20: South Pine Kindy is a Community Kindergarten is an Incorporated Association. To function we require (through our constitution) that one parent/guardian be a member of the Association for their child/children to attend the service. The cost of one membership is $20.00. This membership fee is payable at Enrolment to confirm one family membership to our association.


Under the 2024 Queensland Funding Essentials Guide you are required to nominate South Pine Community Kindy as your ONLY approved Kindy program to receive your Fees fully subsidised at our service.

In the situation where you attend another Kindy program in a childcare centre, the funding automatically goes to community Kindy program (South Pine Community Kindy).

In the situation where your child attends another Community Kindy program it is at parents’ discretion which Kindy you nominate the funding to go to. If you do not nominate South Pine Community Kindy as your approved Kindy program our **FULL Fee rate applies.

**2024 FULL Fee Schedule

Daily Fee Term Fee

Annual Fee

$70 $1750 $7000