Visiting Shows and Incursions

As part of our program we invite various visitors to share interesting ideas and expertise to expand children’s experience, knowledge and understandings.

The Evergreen Children’s Theatre 

The Rainforest Experience invites the children on a “journey” through the rainforest where they meet a variety of creatures authentic in name, colour and behaviour.  The children learn about these animals’ lives and how our behaviour can impact on their habitat.  During the Reef Experience the children learn about the Great Barrier Reef with a sense of reverence and respect while meeting many unique creatures, authentic in name, colour and behaviour.  They are encouraged to connect with the creatures, learn more about them, and to help continue the survival of their habitats.    

Professor Jelly Bean 

The children are involved in science activities that are unique and plenty of fun.  They become scientists by dressing up in their own lab coats and then donning their own safety glasses.  

Aunty Sharon – Indigenous Insights

Auntie Sharron “Mirii” Lindh, who is a proud Gamilaroi Wiradjuri woman, visits the kindy to share her Indigenous knowledge and perspectives with the children.  The children are engaged in a fun, informative and interactive session with ‘Mirri’ to create an understanding and awareness of Aboriginal Culture.