Family Involvement

Parents or carers are considered the child’s first teacher and are highly respected and valued in our kindergarten.   They are encouraged to participate in the program as much as they would like to – some parents talk about their talents or hobbies with the children, while others just spend time observing what their children do and learn during the day.

A strong community is established within the classroom environment as parents become actively involved with teachers and their children’s learning.

Mystery Reader

If you cannot participate in the program, come and be a Mystery Reader.  Parents, older siblings, grandparents, relatives or other special people are invited to surprise their child by being a ‘Mystery Reader’ in the Kindy room.

Mystery Readers come into the Kindy to read a book to the Kindy group. Before arriving and given that not all the children know each and every guest of the other children, I provide the class with clues about the mystery person’s child (and a little bit about the mystery reader if the children know the person). All volunteers are sworn to secrecy about their identity… they were not even able to tell their own child!

This is such a special treat for our classroom!

“Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support young children’s learning.”

Early Years Learning Framework, p.9

Involving parents in the care and schooling of their children has a positive impact on the quality of care and children’s learning experiences and outcomes. Most importantly, children have better academic and social outcomes when their parents and teachers work together.

As a community-based kindergarten, the centre is operated by a Parent Management Committee. Getting involved in the running of your child’s kindy is a rewarding experience and ensures you have a say in your child’s education.

Visitors from the Community

Dental Health Visit 

Every year, the children receive a special visit from a Dental Hygienist from the Petrie Dental Clinic. The hygienist talks about the importance of looking after our teeth because we need them to smile, talk and eat. They discuss with the children that foods with lots of sugar give us bacteria, which causes plaque if we don’t clean our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. 

Library Visits 

A  Librarian visits the Kindy every term and this is a treasured experience because the children really enjoy the interactive stories read to them.  This can also be such a special time for the children as they really become involved in the stories and they usually always remember one or two of the books read to them. 

Reading aloud to children is important in their early years as it has an impact on their development and future learning. 

  • Language helps us understand ourselves and make sense of the world. Books and stories help children develop language and thinking skills.
  • Children who enjoy reading are likely to become confident learners. It can become a favourite hobby they go on to enjoy all their lives. 
  • Stories can help children deal with the problems and fears they face in everyday life.

Partnerships with Strathpine West State School

Supporting Prep transitions and community connections by engaging with the school next door.  We participate in:

  • Library/prep/school Visits
  • Under 8’s Day
  • Book Week
  • Fun Run