Our Philosophy


Children are all competent and capable learners and active participants in building knowledge together. We aim for the children to build personal and emotional resilience, independence and self-confidence and to learn in a safe and supportive environment. There are plenty of purposeful play experiences and intentional learning opportunities, where children can make mistakes without fear of failure.   We encourage children’s learning by providing for their interests and building on their prior knowledge and skills.  Children build a sense of well-being through exploring relationships and developing friendships.  We encourage the children to build increased control of their social and physical skills, personal health and hygiene.  We promote the development of children’s communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Partnership with families

The role of parents and families as the child’s first teacher and ongoing partner in their learning is valued, respected and supported.  We work to build inclusive partnerships to establish a sense of family within the Centre, by open and shared communication between children, families and staff.  We respect and acknowledge the unique cultural backgrounds of families.


Relationships with the wider community

We encourage the children, families and staff to learn about and actively engage in the community in which they live.  We encourage everyone to become socially responsible and contribute to a sustainable environment full of wonder and enjoyment.  The children learn to respond to diversity with respect by listening to and appreciating the ideas and thoughts of others.  As children become aware of the concept of fairness, they are developing their sense of equity and inclusion.  Children learn to acknowledge and value Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and communities and are encouraged to share their learning with their families.

As a community of learners

We promote the sharing of information between children, families, staff and the wider community.  We are committed to continuous quality improvement, through reflective practices and supporting each other’s professional and personal development.

Through our affiliation with The Gowrie, QLD and with guidance from the Office of Early Childhood, Education and Care, we strengthen our ability to work with children and families to develop strong foundations for the children’s future learning and interactions within our community.

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