Our Philosophy

At South Pine Community Kindergarten, we respect childhood and every child’s right to have one.  We see children as competent and active participants in building knowledge together.  We acknowledge that children are capable, confident communicators who know about many things, are interested in learning more about their world, and are keen to contribute to working through issues collaboratively. 
We support children’s right to PLAY.  We also acknowledge that high-quality PLAY is not only a legitimate right of childhood but is also essential to young children’s academic, social and emotional development.  We recognise that children are born with amazing potential and capacities: curiosity, a drive to understand, the ability to wait, to wonder and to be amazed, the capacity to express themselves in many ways. 
We believe that the best experiences for children happen when there is a strong relationship between the Kindy staff, children and children’s families that is evident in our daily practice.   These meaningful connections strengthen children’s sense of identity, belonging and well-being.  Ultimately, we want both children and families to know that they belong and make a valuable contribution.

Regarding Children, we

Regarding families and the wider community, we

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